How many owners will there be in each syndicate?

The number of Owners will vary depending on the Syndicate but each will have a maximum of 20 to ensure a personal service and to guarantee everyone enjoys a full Owners experience.

What’s included in my share?

Owning a Racehorse!!!!  You’ll receive one Owners and Trainers badge for a 2.5% share and two Owners and Trainers badges if you have a 5% share and above everytime your horse is running to enjoy all Racecourse benefits provided to Owners,  including access to the parade ring and hopefully winners enclosure as well as exclusive bars and restaurant and of course (fingers crossed) your percentage of the Owners prizemoney.  In addition you will receive regular updates on the progress of your horse and racing plans, stable visits and organised social events to allow you to meet your fellow owners.  This is not an investment but  it is a very exciting hobby!  One thing we can guarantee though is lots of fun!

How long is the Syndicate Term?

Partnership agreements will either have a duration of one or two years depending on the horse.

What is included in my upfront fee?

The purchase price of the horse, any required health checks, sales commission, Plus 10 registration if applicable,  the transport of your horse from the sale to the trainer, breaking in, pre-training and any other costs accrued  prior to your first monthly installment.

What do my monthly payments cover?

Training fees, vet/farrier/dentist bills, stabling, feed and all other related administration and racing costs including transport to the racecourse, jockey fees, entry fees, Owners & Trainers badges etc. Racing Connexions enables you to experience Racehorse Ownership without the huge financial overheads!

Will my monthly payments remain the same for the duration of the contract?

The only change which may happen is if the trainer increases their fees during the duration of the contract although any increase to you is likely to be minimal. Racing Connexions will absorb any other increases.

Will there ever by any additional fees?

There could be additional fees for race entries costing more than £50, entries outside the UK and overseas transport.  However, this would always be discussed with Owners prior to any decision being made.

How often will my horse run?

This very much depends on the horse, its rating, distance, fitness.  Horse welfare is obviously paramount to Racing Connexions and the wellbeing of your horse will always be the first priority.  Your trainer will of course provide regular updates on training, fitness and racing plans.

Will I be able to attend the racecourses when my horse is running?

Absolutely!!!  There’s no greater excitement!  Each Owner with a 5% share and greater will receive two Owners & Trainers badges each time your horse runs.

Will I receive any prizemoney?

If your horse wins or is placed then you most certainly will!!! Any prize money will be accrued throughout the season and will be distributed at the end of each year.  However, if your horse is fortunate to win £20,000 or more in a single race, this will be distributed as soon as it is received by Racing Connexions!  Can you imagine!????

How is my share of the Prize Money calculated?

The total prizemoney is distributed between Owners, Trainer & Jockey.  The Owners percentage of the prize money is approximately 78% for a win and between 83%&87% if your horse is placed, depending on the place.  You will receive your share of any Owners prizemoney.  So if you own 10% of your horse, you will receive 10% of the Owners prize fund.

Am I able to visit the stables to visit my horse?

Absolutely!  We will organize regular Stable visits to meet your horse for all our Owners in the Syndicate but you are also very welcome to pop in to visit anytime!  Just give the trainer a ring to let him know you’re coming.  It’s your horse!  Enjoy!

Will I receive regular updates about my horse

Yes you will receive regular communication about your horse’s progress and plans

What will happen if my horse is sold

As Owners, the syndicate will be consulted about the sale of the horse and if the decision is made to indeed sell it, you will get your share of the selling price less any commissions.

Can I leave the Syndicate?

Yes of course, you can release your share of the horse after the contract period is up.

Can I purchase an Ownership as a gift?

Yes of course.  Racehorse Ownership makes the most fantastic unique gift.  We can offer complete gift packs to make it even extra special!

How Do I Pay

It’s easy!  The upfront payment is paid by bank transfer and your monthly payments by direct debit.

For more information about Racing Connexions please email
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or call Lindsey Smith  on 07801 835957